The side bar can be accessed from the Module view by tapping the 3 lines () icon in the top-left of the screen.

From here, you can access

  1. Location Picker
    1. Only sites that you have access to will be available.
    2. If a site that you believe you should have access to is not available, please contact your relevant Food Safety Manager, Consultant, Help Desk or Head Office.
  2. Remote Temperature Monitoring
    1. Displays the temperatures of Refrigeration and Freezer units that have Remote Temperature Sensors installed.
    2. It will also display the date and time of the last reading, highlighting ones that have not reported recently.
  3. Extra links and documentation
    1. A market may define a set of web links which may be useful to its users.
  4. Help Button
    1. If instructed, you can email support. Please include your Store Name (e.g. Fast Eddy's Chicken Melbourne Central), Name and detail what the issue is that you are having.
  5. Sign Out Button
    1. You should always sign out when you have finished your required checklists.