The cost of Brandmate to a business is treated on a case by case basis as every business has different requirements. Generally speaking, there are 3 cost components:

  1. Setup Fee - Setup cost is a one-off cost to define, design, build and deploy your Brandmate solution. This is a cost which varies significantly from one business to another. Some setups are simple, others are extremely involved. We need a clear understanding of requirements to be able to provide an estimate on this component.

  2. Licence Fee - Licence Fees are generally the same from one business to another, and are charged on a monthly basis (bound by contract terms). Generally speaking, the total operating cost for a business = # of Locations X Monthly Fee X Contract Term. We believe the Brandmate system is very affordable based on its capabilities. The app is a free download from app stores.

  3. Hardware - Most businesses use integrated hardware to complement their checklist experience. For example, restaurants may wish to use Bluetooth Thermometers to record temperatures directly into the app. We can advise on available and suitable hardware options, as well as supply these as part of a complete solution.

If your business is interested in using the Brandmate platform, contact us via with an outline of your requirements.