Brandmate is an online system, and requires an internet connection to maintain accurate record-keeping. Offline Mode is a last-resort system in place so that you can continue your required checklists in the case of a dropped signal. To maintain accurate and synced records, extended use of Offline Mode is not recommended.

Offline Mode is signified by the cloud icon.

When you complete a checklist normally, a blank backup is saved to the device. While the device is operating in Offline Mode, the app will show you these backups in place of the live checklists available from the server.

Many features do not work to their full potential while a device is operating in Offline Mode, and require an established connection to provide accurate feedback. The following is a non-exhaustive list of systems that require online connectivity for proper daily operation in your business:

  • Reports can't fill in data it hasn't received, and will look empty or incomplete until data is received. Rest assured that timestamps are based on when particular checks are actually completed, not when the server receives them.
  • If your business makes use of (in)completion alerts, you will continue receive alerts because the server has not received any data.
  • Dashboard results will be incomplete the server receives the data
  • Follow-Up and Retests will not be generated on an Offline Device, as they are issued by the server.
  • Checklists that save values for later reference (Cook time, status, etc) will fall out of sync with the server values if devices stay in Offline Mode for extended periods.

Checklists completed while operating in Offline Mode are listed at the bottom of the Category View screen, and are also signified by the Not Sent area in the Module header. Tapping this circle or refreshing the Category View screen while the device is online will send the checklists to the server, and update any of the linked services (reports, dashboards, saved values).

If you have known areas of poor signal, see also Strategy for known areas of connectivity (dead spots) to ensure the most accurate record keeping.