• Check that your device is not in Offline Mode
  • Check that your device has no Unsent Checklists
  • Check the Location the device is logged into matches the Location the report is being run for.
  • The data may still be getting processed. This can take up to 5 minutes, so check back again later.

In rare cases of extreme delays, rest assured the data is not lost - it's just in a long line waiting for its turn to be processed.

If you believe a checklist you've completed hasn't reached us, reach us via the Contact Us email link from within the device used to complete the checklist. This lets you send us a snapshot of your device's local database. Please also provide the following information:

  • Brand/Groupcode
  • Checklist Name
  • Location checklist was completed at
  • Username checklist was completed by
  • Time/Date checklist was completed
  • Any other notes or observations (Only occurs to one user, only happens when a specific answer is selected, etc)